Version 1.1 Released for General Availability

The Version 1.1 “GMI Quickstart Package” has been released to the GMI Foundation website, and is available for general download. This new version solidifies a number of enhancements that were discovered during beta-test of our initial release, as well as several minor defects. Existing sites should install this new package on top of their current versions.

The package contains several new features and repairs:

  • The “/install” directory now contains a new “BuildTime” object that reflects the time and date of the latest build, to permit easier maintenance of specific versions.
  • The “/security” directory contains a new “PasskKeyReadOnly” value that will permit better access control of management programs. The passkey permits the administrator to assign a subordinate user name that cannot modify the agent configuration through “set”, “upload”, “install”, or “uninstall” functions.
  • This version includes changes to the GMI-Cmd.exe “Parse” function, permitting users to parse data using regular expressions. See the GMI-Parse.pdf file, available on the “Resources” page.
  • This version includes new support for multi-threaded Apps, including extra documentation in the GMI-Agent-API.pdf file, available on the “Resources” page.

In general, beta-tests of the product have gone extremely well; the product has consistently demonstrated a robust nature that users will immediately pick up on without needing to consulting the documentation. Further enhancements and releases will be forthcoming in October, including new Apps, documentation, and partnership announcements.

Interested parties should download the latest version, and provide commentary below.


  1. It would be useful to provide a ready-to-run package that would check for updates and automatically install the latest version at an existing GMI Agent. Does that sound like a possibility in the future?

    BTW, the new version looks great.

    • Contact and request the experimental “upgrade” GMI App. This creates the “/install/upgrade” agent item that will let you upload the latest agent package, and replace your existing installation. This is particular useful if you have many different agents to upgrade. Note that this is accomplished with no loss of installed packages or data.

      Regarding an “auto-update” GMI App: this might be useful, but would inevitably lead to security questions and issues, so this needs to be handled carefully. Given that it is very easy to upgrade a version using this beta “upgrade.gmi” package, it might not be necessary to have a full-blown auto-update facility. Give it a try.

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