Vallum Software announces the release of two software development kits (SDKs)

Vallum Software today announced the general availability of two software development kits (SDKs) – Halo Agent API and Halo SDK. The SDKs are available from Vallum’s website, and are free to download and use. The SDKs function in conjunction with Vallum’s open source Halo Agent, which is at the core of the Halo Manager solution architecture.

The Halo Agent API SDK allows developers to independently develop Halo Applications, which add functionality to the Halo Manager solution in a modular manner. Halo Apps allow organizations to select the functionality they need, allowing them to tailor the Halo Manager solution to their specific requirements. Halo App capabilities are nearlyhalo-application-image endless, and can introduce functionality not only for network monitoring and management (NMM) functions, but also other areas such as security, application and database management, and IT asset management to name a few.

The Halo SDK allows PHP developers to modify the Halo Manager Web interface, creating new monitor widgets, and adding new processing facilities. New Halo Manager interfaces can be developed independent of the Halo Manager architecture, which allows interface variations to be quickly created and packaged for specific organizations and industries. This capability allows for a tailoring of the solution that competing vendor solutions are incapable of.

These SDKs allow developers, both corporate and independent, to actively participate in the development effort of new Halo Manager functionality and interfaces. The SDKs will vastly expand the functional capabilities of the Halo Manager solution, and at a speed that is unheard of in the NMM market. The volume of functionality combined with the accelerated manner of their development will provide organizations with added functionality that will match or exceed the pace of their quickly changing business requirements.

The SDKs are free to download from Vallum’s website at, as are a growing selection of Halo Apps. Questions and assistance regarding the SDKs is provided by Vallum Software and our technology partner, the GMI Foundation. Links to both are available below.

The Halo Manager’s unique decentralized and modular architectural approach allows both its front-end interfaces and back-end functionality to be modified independently without having to conduct end-to-end testing. This capability provides a level of flexibility that is far beyond competing solutions on the market today. The rapid development of new functionality with varying capabilities will allow organizations to address their requirements in an expedited and more finely tuned manner.

“Halo Manager represents a revolutionary architectural approach in the network monitoring and management solution market that addresses the systemic cost and complexity issues found with existing vendor solutions,” said Lance Edelman, Vallum Software Co- Founder and CEO. “Organizational requirements are constantly evolving and changing, and even accelerating. Competing vendor solutions with old architectural approaches have not been able to keep pace. The Halo Manager solution addresses these constantly changing requirements without introducing additional cost or complexity. The low cost and ease of use of the Halo Manager solution places it within reach of many organizations who were priced out of the market or did not have the technical talent to implement complex competing vendor solutions.”

The Vallum Halo Manager solution is well positioned for small and large organizations alike. Those that have a small IT staff, and are managing several hundred devices and applications can easily implement the solution. The decentralized architecture makes it highly scalable for larger organizations. All organizations will benefit from the absence of a complex central server install, and the cost savings of not having to devote full time staff to the implementation and management of the solution. Vallum’s licensing approach is straightforward with tiered pricing by subnets or groups of 256 devices/IP addresses. This simple licensing model is a departure from traditional vendor pricing structures (cost per seat, cost per device, and cost per agent) that have prohibited many organizations from acquiring network monitoring and management solutions.

For support, Vallum Software offers an online support portal, FAQ knowledge-base and email help-desk support. Support options from Vallum Software can be found at To request additional information from Vallum Software, please visit our contact page on the website.

About Vallum Software

Vallum Software, LLC is a provider of network monitoring and management solutions that deliver extensive functionality at a lower cost than competing solutions. Vallum’s revolutionary architectural approach reduces cost and complexity, and allows network and server administrators to select the functionality they need.

Vallum Software and the GMI Foundation

Vallum’s solutions are based on technology from our partner, the GMI Foundation. The GMI Foundation is an open source vendor that provides open API network monitoring and management technology solutions, and software development kits that allow developers to create Halo Apps. For more information on The GMI Foundation, please visit

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