Vallum Software announces the release of Halo Manager Version 2.0.1

Atlanta, GA, May 10, 2016 – Vallum Software today announced the general availability of Vallum Halo Manager Version 2.0.1, a network monitoring and management (NMM) solution designed for the small and medium sized business (SMB) market. Version 2.0.1 includes some incremental enhancements along with some minor bug fixes.

The Halo Manager solution has a revolutionary decentralized architectural approach that addresses the cost and complexity issues that are prevalent with existing NMM vendor solutions on the market. Halo Manager’s architectural approach eliminates the need for a complex central server install that is typical of other NMM solutions, and it is customizable with the installation of specialized applications called Halo Apps. Halo Apps can have a nearly endless array of capabilities, and add functionality to the Halo Manager solution in a modular manner. Halo Apps are easy to install and allow end users to select the functionality they need, avoiding the cost and functionality bloat found with other NMM solutions.

The Halo Manager solution and Halo Applications are free to download and try for 30 days with no functionality limitations. It includes a dashboard that is viewable on any standard web browser, device discovery, the open source Halo Agent, and one Halo Polling Agent that is capable of monitoring up to 256 IPs. Halo Applications range from free to a nominal licensing fee based on their complexity. The Halo Manager trial package can be downloaded at A growing list of Halo Apps can be found in the Halo App Store also on

The revolutionary architectural approach of the Vallum Halo Manager, which downloads and installs in just a few minutes, lies with the Halo Agent. The Halo Agent is a multi-purpose open source agent technology that is installed on platforms where deeper metrics beyond availability are needed. Halo Agents run in the background, consume minimal resources, and deliver their monitoring and management statistics at a much lower cost than that of competing solutions. Halo Apps extend the capability of the Halo Agent, and are easily installed, allowing Halo Agent functionality and that of the Halo Manager solution to be tailored to the user’s specific needs. A Halo Polling Agent automatically discovers any new IT assets, collects data and metrics from the Halo Agents on a subnet, and securely transmits the data to the Halo Manager solution.

“Halo Manager represents a revolutionary architectural approach in the network monitoring and management vendor market, that address cost and complexity issues that are systemic with existing vendor solutions,” said Lance Edelman, Vallum Software Co-Founder and CEO. “The modular architectural approach of the Halo Manager solution allow for creation and deployment of new functionality in the form of Halo Apps in as little as a few days depending on complexity, and without end-to-end testing of the Halo Manager solution. This architecture allows the Halo Manager solution to be tailored to an organization’s needs, and keep pace with those changing needs, in a manner that  other vendors are not capable of.”

The Vallum Halo Manager is well positioned for SMBs that typically have a small to medium sized IT staff, but who might be managing several hundred devices and applications. Additionally, Vallum offers a straightforward approach to licensing with tiered pricing by subnets or groups of 256 devices/IP addresses. This simple licensing model is a departure from traditional vendor pricing structures (cost per seat, cost per device, and cost per agent) that have prohibited many SMBs from acquiring network monitoring and management solutions.

About Vallum Halo Manager 30-day trial package

The 30-day trial package is a fully functional version of Halo Manager with a 30-day expiration clock. Immediately upon installation, the Halo Manager will scan the network for devices and will add them to the device list in the Halo Manager dashboard. IP addresses of any device, web address, application (cloud or internal), or database can be added to provide immediate availability statistics and alerts. “Watch lists” containing user selected devices can be created in the Halo dashboard. All purchased licenses of Halo Manager are perpetual, and since the purchasing process is automated and takes place from within the trial package, there is no need to uninstall/re-install Halo Manager or reconfigure your current trial installation. Additional Halo Polling Agents can be added to scale the Halo Manager solution to thousands of managed devices. Please visit for pricing and additional information on Halo Manager solution and Halo Apps.

For support, Vallum Software offers an online support portal, FAQ knowledge-base and email help-desk support. Support options from Vallum Software can be found at To request additional information from Vallum Software, please visit our contact page on the website.

About Vallum Software

Vallum Software, LLC is a provider of network monitoring and management solutions that deliver extensive functionality at a lower cost than competing solutions. Vallum’s revolutionary architectural approach reduces cost and complexity, and allows network and server administrators to select the functionality they need.

Vallum Software and The GMI Foundation

Vallum’s solutions are based on technology from our partner, the GMI Foundation. The GMI Foundation is an open source vendor that provides open API network monitoring and management technology solutions, and software development kits that allow developers to create Halo Apps. For more information on The GMI Foundation, please visit

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