Vallum Software announces the release of a new Halo Application for monitoring SNMP enabled devices

Atlanta, GA, July 27, 2016 – Vallum Software today announced the general availability of the Halo SNMP Card App for monitoring simple network management protocol (SNMP) enabled devices such as firewalls, routers, switches and printers. The Halo SNMP Card App is free to download and use, and can be installed to any installation of the Halo Manager solution. The SNMP Card appHalo Application logo 400x400 adds functionality to Halo Manager to allow for the monitoring of up to eight SNMP enabled devices. It is easily installed and configured, and allows users to monitor their SNMP enabled network devices without the complexity associated with using the SNMP protocol. SNMP Card is another Halo App, in a growing list of Apps, focused on monitoring network infrastructure and software components.

Vallum Halo Manager is a network monitoring and management (NMM) solution with a revolutionary decentralized architectural approach that addresses the cost and complexity issues that are prevalent with existing NMM vendor solutions on the market. Halo Manager’s architecture eliminates the need for a complex central server install that is typical of other NMM solutions, and it is customizable with the installation of specialized applications called Halo Apps. Halo Apps can have a nearly endless array of capabilities, and add functionality to the Halo Manager solution in a modular manner. Halo Apps are easy to install and allow end users to select the functionality they need, avoiding the cost and functionality bloat found with other NMM solutions.

The Halo Manager solution and Halo Applications are free to download and try for 30 days with no functionality limitations. The Halo Manager includes a dashboard that is viewable on any standard web browser, device discovery, and one Halo Polling Agent that is capable of monitoring up to 256 IPs. Halo Applications range from free to a nominal licensing fee based on their complexity. The Halo Manager trial package can be downloaded at A growing list of Halo Apps can be found in the Halo App Store also on

“The Halo SNMP Card App represents a huge step forward in functional capability for the Halo Manager solution. The ability to monitor SNMP enabled network devices was the last functionality element for the Halo Manager solution, providing for complete network infrastructure monitoring. Not only is the functionality of the SNMP Card App exciting, but it is also equally exciting that it was developed in a few days, which is unheard of in the network monitoring and management space,” said Lance Edelman, Vallum Software Co-Founder and CEO. “The ability to quickly develop and deploy Halo Apps with just about unlimited functional capabilities will allow the Halo Manager solution to keep pace with the changing requirements of organizations in a manner that other network monitoring and management vendors are not capable of.”

Vallum offers a cost effective straightforward approach to licensing with tiered pricing by subnets or groups of 256 devices/IP addresses. This simple licensing model is a departure from traditional vendor pricing structures (cost per seat, cost per device, and cost per agent) that have prohibited many organizations from acquiring network monitoring and management solutions. Please visit for pricing and additional information on Halo Manager solution and Halo Apps.

For support, Vallum Software offers an online support portal, FAQ knowledge-base and email help-desk support. Support options from Vallum Software can be found at To request additional information from Vallum Software, please visit our contact page on the website.

About Vallum Software

Vallum Software, LLC is a provider of network monitoring and management solutions that deliver extensive functionality at a lower cost than competing solutions. Vallum’s revolutionary architectural approach reduces cost and complexity, and allows network and server administrators to select the functionality they need.

Vallum Software and The GMI Foundation

Vallum’s solutions are based on technology from our partner, the GMI Foundation. The GMI Foundation is an open source vendor that provides open API network monitoring and management technology solutions, and software development kits that allow developers to create Halo Apps. For more information on The GMI Foundation, please visit

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