Vallum Software announces the launch of the Vallum Halo Application Store

Vallum Software today announced the launch of the Halo Application Store, a market place where Halo Manager solution users can go to download Halo Applications that are designed to introduce specialized functionality to Halo Manger. Halo Manager is a network monitoring and management (NMM) solution with a revolutionary decentralized architectural design that allows the end Halo Application Logo 200x200user to tailor the functionality of the solution to their specific needs with Halo Applications. Halo Apps have pre-programmed functionality, and can possess a nearly endless array of capabilities from network monitoring and management, to security, and IT Asset Management. Halo Apps can interoperate with server platforms, and the applications, databases and utilities installed on them. Halo Apps allow users to specifically select the functionality they need, allowing them to tailor the Halo Manager solution to their organizational needs. The Halo App Store can be found on Vallum’s website at

Halo Apps are compact and efficient, and designed to be installed with Halo Agents, which are installed on their respective platforms. Once installed, Halo Apps carry out their programming, and can interoperate with the platform operating system as well as any applications, databases and utilities that are installed on the platform. Once downloaded from the Halo App Store, Halo Apps are easily uploaded to Halo Manager, and then remotely deployed to specific Halo Agents. Halo Apps add functionality to the Halo Manager solution in a modular manner without affecting the core solution, and they can easily be removed. Think of it like adding apps to a mobile phone. More information about Halo Apps can be found on the Halo Applications page on

Halo Apps are free to download and try during a trial period with no functionality limitations, which allow Halo Manager users to test drive the Halo Apps first. Halo Apps range from free to a nominal licensing fee based on their complexity. Halo Apps are easily licensed from the Halo Manager solution during the trial period.

Halo Apps represent a revolutionary departure from existing vendor development processes that are centered around a central server install with new functionality introduced on release cycles that can span months to over a year or longer. It’s a process that customers have little control over. Halo Apps can be developed and deployed in days or weeks depending on their complexity, allowing organizations to be enormously more responsive to their evolving and changing business requirements.

Halo Apps have an open API structure, and there is a software development kit (SDK) that is designed to allow those developers that are interested the ability to create their own Halo Apps. The SDK is fully documented and provides everything that a developer will need to create their own Halo Apps. There is a certification process that Vallum Software has in place for new Halo Apps. The SDK can be downloaded from the Halo App Store on Vallum’s website at

“The Halo Manager architecture and Halo Apps represent a significant departure from the typical development process employed by existing network monitoring and management vendors. The ability to quickly develop and deploy new functionality via Halo Apps provides Vallum Software with the ability to be far more responsive to changing customer business needs than existing vendors are capable of,” said Lance Edelman, Vallum Software Co-founder and CEO. “The vendor model of creating monolithic centralized solutions jammed with functionality is incongruent with today’s business environment needs. A new flexible model is needed, and Vallum Software is leading the way.”

The ability to select, download and quickly deploy Halo Apps across the enterprise in response to quickly changing business requirements represents a significant shift in the manner in which organizations will acquire and deploy network monitoring and management solutions.

For support, Vallum Software offers an online support portal, FAQ knowledge-base and email help-desk support. Support options from Vallum Software can be found at To request additional information from Vallum Software, please visit our contact page on the website.

About Vallum Software

Vallum Software, LLC is a provider of network monitoring and management solutions that deliver extensive functionality at a lower cost than competing solutions. Vallum’s revolutionary architectural approach reduces cost and complexity, and allows network and server administrators to select the functionality they need.

Vallum Software and The GMI Foundation

Vallum’s solutions are based on technology from our partner, the GMI Foundation. The GMI Foundation is an open source vendor that provides open API network monitoring and management technology solutions, and software development kits that allow developers to create Halo Apps. For more information on The GMI Foundation, please visit

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