Vallum Software Announces New GMI App Exchange

Vallum Software LLC, our technical partner, has announced the release of our GMI Agent, and the creation of a GMI App Exchange. This project will greatly assist with the distribution, organization, support, refinement, and promotion of the GMI System concept.

From the Vallum Press Release:

“The universal agent (GMI-Agent) is part of our quest to simplify the management of IT,” said Tony Perri, Vallum founder and director of business navigation. “Software systems, even in a small enterprise are numerous, some with massive footprints and many have their own proprietary software agent. To execute a simple update or program across a small NOC requires a lot of resource executing commands across a lot of proprietary systems, each with their own software agent,” Perri added. “With a universal agent, one resource can update thousands of network computers with a few simple commands.”

Exactly right. And — also from the press release –

“The existing IT Asset Management market is dominated by proprietary solutions that are expensive and bloated with functionality the customer may never need,” Edelman said. “The Vallum GMI Agent was designed to provide a cost effective solution where customers can pick the functionality they need, and then develop it if they have even the modest of resources.”

Yes. Well said.

At GMI Foundation, we appreciate Vallum’s support, and look forward to the continuing development and refinement of this technology.

In particular, we are assisting Vallum with achieving their objective of creating a simple GUI and GP network management system, currently called “Halo”. This will serve as a production quality network management system that can replace and / or augment the management activities of small, medium, and even large enterprises.

Further information on the “Halo” Network Management System will be forthcoming.

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