Vallum Announces Release of Halo GMI Manager

Congratulations to Vallum Software LLC, for the successful release of the Vallum-Halo web based network and end-point management system. This system is now available from the Vallum Software site! The download page is here:

The Vallum Halo system is an excellent demonstration of GMI capabilities. Halo furnishes a ready-to-run GMI based system that will be immediately useful to network administrators, and IT personnel. The software includes a nicely packaged GMI agent (in Windows MSI format) which simplifies the installation of GMI agents on any Windows platform.

The GMI Halo App continuously polls devices, discover devices, and gathers device metrics (and is also responsible for e-mail notifications). This is a standard GMI Application, build from the GMI API (available at this site.) The Halo App comes pre-configured with the Halo Manager. Additonally, the Halo App and can be uploaded and installed from the manager to other GMI agents on the network, permitting easy scalability to dozens of networks and thousands of GMI agents from a single location.

According to Vallum Software, the DD for the Halo application is available on request to developers. The actual application is a commercial grade program, and requires a purchased license key for permanent operation. Interested parties should correspond with Vallum Software (not GMI Foundation) regarding technical and sales related questions.

We encourage all users to download and try the Vallum Halo application — it is very simple and intuitive, and adds a huge amount of power and visibility at low cost.

Nice work Vallum Software!

See press release…

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