New GMI Security Guide Available

Download and review our new “GMI Security Guide” from our Resource Center. This guide contains important information that will be pertinent to all GMI installations.

Please note the following:

  • GMI is predicated on security, but as with any software product or system, a degree of security awareness is necessary by the administrator.
  • GMI Agent is quite powerful; this power must be accompanied by responsibility of the installer to set the security mode of the GMI Agent to some value other than the default.
  • Configuring security at the GMI agent program takesĀ  just a few seconds on the part of the GMI administrator.
  • The specific steps to configure agent security are outlined in detail within the “Security Guide”, as well as many other places in our documentation.

We don’t want to be in the business of creating free software for exploit by malicious hackers and criminals. Please take one minute to set the security mode of each installation, and contact us if you have any questions on security.

Download and review the documentation….

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