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Once you have downloaded the “GMI Quickstart Package”, you will want to acquire one or more “Apps” to upload to the agent, furnishing specific and unique functionality for a managed site. These GMI Apps provide useful control and monitor functions, and are available from a variety of sources.

Halo-manager-download-call-out-boxA complete list of common GMI Application packages, all of which are in the public domain, is provided here. These apps can be acquired from this site, as well as other Internet locations.

Access GMI App Repository…

The above link provides an authoritative list of current GMI Apps available on the network.

As per the GMI specification, no GMI Application can be installed until it is first signed and certified by the GMI Foundation, hence all packages at this site have been verified to contain no overt malicious code.

Please read the notes associated with each App (contained in “DD” PDF file, within each package) since some GMI Apps may have special security requirements.

Open Source Initiatives
GMI Foundation supports open source initiatives, and provides a well documented Application Program Interface (API) to support software developers. Additionally, GMI Foundation is always ready to accept enhancement and change requests on this API to further refined agent capabilities. Contact us today to begin a discussion.

Check back often for future updates. If you like, you can sign up for Vallum’s newsletter here. Vallum News comes out monthly and delivers industry trends, events and software update information. As more GMI Apps are developed we will notify you. Our ultimate goal is to create an extensive library of functions for system developers, IT administrators, and network managers that is functional and affordable.


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