GMI 1.2 Agent, Apps, API, and Docs Now Available Here

GMI Foundation has upgraded all software on this site, and now includes the complete list of all known GMI applications in the universe!

The freely distributed GMI Version 1.2 software, including the developer API and all certified GMI Applications can now be found here in zip format.

As an important part of this release, GMI Foundation has consolidated all of the GMI software, documentation, and API’s at the GMI Foundation website, to better support the growing GMI community.

  • This change makes the GMI Foundation website a central repository and clearing-house for the GMI specification, including all known software, documentation, and APIs associated with the free GMI project.
  • This change to the GMI distribution model adds additional value to the GMI software, which has previously been located across various servers.
  • This change also removes the load from GMI sponsors and users, who no longer have to maintain their own distribution lists and archives, who can now locate all the essential elements of their GMI software at this GMI Foundation site.

Special thanks to C.B. Bannet, and others who have contributed and assisted with this latest update. Also, thanks for sending e-mail and helping GMI foundation create the best and most bug-free software possible!

Interested parties are invited to try this software, which can be downloaded, re-used, incorporated into third-party products without any obligation or restriction. GMI Foundation is pleased to rely on strong partnerships that promote the company’s precepts and vision of creating high quality, secure software, with as low cost-of-ownership as possible.


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