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General Management Interface (GMI) System Overview and Description

The freely distributed GMI system is a protocol, agent system, API, and standard set of command-line utilities that permit an authorized user to query and control a remote platform. Agent functions are provided by remotely uploading and installing new software modules (herein called “GMI Apps” or “Applications”) to extend the range of management functions. The system is designed for extreme ease-of-use, and is predicated upon a simple but effective security model.

The GMI system is intended to correct several chronic problems within industry. Our mission is to realize the following advancements in IT infrastructure management:

Consolidation of Control and Monitor Functions.
The GMI system permits a single “master” agent to be responsible for all control and monitor functions of a platform, reducing the proliferation of different agent interfaces and consoles to a single slim agent. To extend the range of functionality available from the agent, the end-user uploads new Apps to the agent platform.
Simplication of Design and Operation.
GMI corrects the over-complexity associated with many current IT management systems, getting back to basics with intuitive design, and a small set of easily understandable concepts. We believe that the management process has become more complex than the target of the management activities; the biggest challenge to IT becomes managing the process and not the computer or network. It is a chronic problem, and is unacceptable.
Enforcement of Good Management Security.
The GMI system provides a verifiably secure way of managing a platform based upon easy to understand traditional concepts such as encryption, password protection, IP Allow lists, and certification. Security and simplicity is at the core of the GMI project, as a very first consideration.
Reduction of Cost-Of-Ownership.
GMI Foundation is an open source community of developers. The software from this site is freely distributed without any restrictions on usage, including the ability to redistribute, develop applications (including for-profit software) and re-use in any fashion. GMI Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the state-of-art for end-point management, reducing costs, increasing productivity, and extending the life cycle of IT infrastructure.

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In summary, GMI is intended an a free, full featured “end-point management” system, furnishing to users a simple method of managing all infrastructure activities that may be necessary by an organization. GMI Foundation is dedicated to supporting the deployment of our universal agent, as well as the creation of diverse and innovative applications, which securely leverage these agents to the maximum extent possible.

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